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Ponyville is a town completely populated with ponies, located in Equestria. It is the main location in every episode.

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The town was currently turning into a pile of rubble ever since Discord, the giant killer God of Chaos, escaped from his improsnment in stone and began causing havoc. This meant that the main six ponies had to locate the Elements of Harmony to try and stop him, but throughout the series, most of them had been slacking off and/or failing to be of help.

For example: Applejack had put herself into a coma; Rarity was being held captive by her illegal Mexican immigrants in her sweatshop; Fluttershy got locked up in the mental hospital after she killed supposedly Rainbow Dash with a chainsaw in her shed; Pinkie Pie was currently in rehab (due to her party addiction problem); and Twilight Sparkle made things even worse when she accidently summoned Wolflor (a demon from the Underworld) and built the R-Dash 5000 (a robot replica of Rainbow Dash that was supposed to be activated to help save the day), thus causing more havoc when they both decided to help Discord destroy the town with him. Princess Celestia even tried to save the day herself, but ended up getting her head bit off by the killer God.

As soon as time passed by, Ponyville was getting even more worse by the minute. More examples of destruction included: Discord and Wolflor having sex on top of the burning buildings they've destroyed; the R-Dash 5000, unexpectedly, learning how to duplicate itself as millions of tiny robots were shown flying everywhere; a tornado forming from out of nowhere; and meteors falling from out of the sky. According to Spike, there have also been some earthquakes, a flesh-eating virus that's been spreading for a while, bombs falling from the sky (that gave a lot of people lymphoma), and even a civil war between the earth ponies and the pegasi.

One year later, Ponyville soon became a complete wasteland until Rainbow Dash (who was revealed to be in a coma the whole time after Fluttershy supposedly killed her) performed a sonic rainboom that reversed time back to when Discord was about to crush Applebloom to death with his foot. It was also shown that she had become Rainbow-Titan, a giant muscular version of herself, and even had an epic fight with the God of Chaos. As soon as the fight was over, Rainbow saved everyone by decapitating Discord's head with the Sword of the Holy Titans. Ponyville was then rebuilt by the citizens, and became good as new when it was all done.

Opposites from MLP: FiM and PONY.MOVEdit

  • Ponyville in MLP: FiM doesn't get destroyed at all, but Ponyville in PONY.MOV got destroyed by Discord, Wolflor, the R-Dash 5000, and her clones (until to got back to normal when Discord was defeated by Rainbow Dash).