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Looks like hard times ahead for Paco...

Paco, voiced by Max Gilardi, is a slave in Rarity's Sweatshop who is good friends with the other ponies, and has his own Twitter account.


Paco first appears in Rarity's Sweatshop complaining to Rarity about how his fingers hurting from making so many dresses against his will. Rarity then says she will take a look and uses her unicorn magic to break his fingers. She then goes on her way while saying, "No need to thank my dear," when there really was really no need to thank her. In later appearances, there is no sign of broken fingers, and this is never explained. ("DRESS.MOV")

Paco shows up to Pinkie Pie's intervention to help her overcome her addiction. He is shown sitting next to Derpy Hooves (who is her best friend). ("PARTY.MOV")

He is then shown pulling Derpy in a wagon finding a penny on the ground. He finds himself lucky after this event, until he sees a wave of Discord's blood heading right towards them. After Spike goes on top of him, he pushes him off and calls him a sh**head. He then gets reprimanded by Rarity and apologizes. He is later shown helping out, by mopping up the blood. ("SWAG.MOV")

Non-Cannon AppearencesEdit

When Spike shows Paco a tech-deck and starts doing tricks, Paco becomes very impressed and replies by saying that is so "sick." However, Spike is having trouble doing some tricks and starts swearing. At the end, it turns out to be June (from "Wacky Gamez Jokes for Kidz!") in a Spike costume. She says, "Surpise! It's me, June!" ("SPIKE.MOV")