Mental Hospital
Mental Hospital
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Why have things been so werid around here lately?

The Mental Hospital is the local insane asylum in Ponyville.

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History Edit

Fluttershy got sent there in SHED.MOV, after two police officer ponies caught her slicing Rainbow Dash in half with a chainsaw in her shed. She was then shown being put into her cell by two paramedic colts, while wearing a straight jacket and a muzzle. Outside of Fluttershy's cell window, it was shown that Spike and Pinkie Pie have noticed the whole thing.

The mental hospital was also shown as a location, in Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon 2, when Fluttershy was giving a message to Canterlot Gardens in her cell.

One year later, in SWAG.MOV, Fluttershy was shown checking out of the hospital, looking good as new (despite still having her creepy eye shadowing). After she put on a hat and tie, and packed up her suitcase, she waved goodbye to the doctor and Nurse Redheart and walked on down the path. While she was walking, Fluttershy also noticed the time-reversing sonic rainboom in the sky that was performed by Rainbow Dash (who was really in a coma after she supposedly killed her).