The Flying Phantom is Fluttershy who neighs through the dark, she wiggles her tail into the shed. She appeared in the night with her glowing red eyes. Santiago, Ana and friends were camping in Equestria when she appeared as a yellow pegasus with a pink mane who was no longer the Flying Phantom.

Fluttershy ID S1E17

Flying Phantom (Good)

Flying Phantom Eyes

Flying Phantom (Bad)

Description Edit

The Flying Phantom is both main and minor character in Santiago's movie adventures. Her gender is also both male and female. The Flying Phantom only appears in Santiago's Camp. The Flying Phantom makes noises such as a neigh sound like a horse, but at the end she talks.

Looks Edit

The Flying Phantom was a flying monster ghost pony with red glowing eyes that you can't see in the dark of the shed. Santiago, Ana and Friends saw a shadow of The Flying Phantom that turns out to be Fluttershy eating their McDonald's food.

Appearances Edit

The Flying Phantom has only appeared in one short of Santiago's Adventures of My Little Pony: When Woodbridge & Equestria Collide.

Trivia Edit

The Flying Phantom comes out at night.

Fluttershy comes out at day & night.