Oct 11, 2011
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"This is the first episode."
Whoa hey guys check it out Applejack is eating a shit load of apples!
APPLE.MOV is the first episode of the PONY.MOV series. It aired on YouTube on October 11, 2011. This is the Applejack themed episode.

Summary Edit

The characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic bring you this cautionary tale about the dangers of eating too many apples.

Characters Edit

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Plot Edit

The episode starts out with Applejack eating apples, and blabbing about how much she loves them. Twilight Sparkle comes up and asks her what she is doing, and that she can not eat all those fucking apples. Applejack becomes more determined than ever and starts eating even more apples.

Rarity tells everyone that Applejack's eating a lot of apples.

All the ponies start to gather around and watch Applejack eat her apples. She starts doing tricks, such as impersonating a walrus.

Then Spike comes up and tells Applejack she is crazy. She then kicks him into a tree, and says "More apples" in a demonic voice. She throws the empty tub aside, which hits Spike as he attempts to stand up, and grabs a full tub of apples.

Applejack starts to enter the void.

She starts eating apples violently, and starts going into a haze. There in a 'gnawgnawgnaw' sound as she eats the apples, apple cores flying everywhere. She randomly stops eating, but the sound continues. She experiences an odd vision where she sees apples flying towards her (But not hitting her) and her head starts morphing into an apple with the universe in it.

Then the vision ends, and everyone is gathered around Applejack, watching her spaz. She is fat, complete with a navel. A apple then pops out of her throat, Applejack grabs it and takes a bite. In a two-second "epilogue" at the end, Applejack is shown waggling her eyebrows with apples up her nostrils.